3 Critical IT Issues

Day in, day out we observe and interact with businesses and individuals across Sydney, fixing and enhancing PCs and IT systems. There is a pattern of repeating problems and inefficiencies that almost inevitably affect all our first-time clients.

We have identified the 3 most common problems, and make corresponding recommendations for maximising productivity and avoiding future problems. These issues have simple, cost-effective solutions and in our experience they never fail to make life much easier for people and businesses.

1. Secure Data Backup

Atop our list is data security. Many call-outs we get are responses to hardware failures and especially cryptolocker viruses that destroy all client data on a network. The consequences often resemble personal or commercial Armageddon. We have a customised data protection system that provides peace of mind that is literally priceless. Read More >

2. Fix slow PC speed

Frustratingly slow PC speed is a productivity-killer that does not need any introduction. We have a modification for this that will get you flying and you do not need to break the bank to achieve it. Read More >

3. Organise your web hosting, email hosting & domain names

Ongoing email problems, including downtime and avoidable spam, prompted us to look more closely at the way businesses organise web/email and domain products and services. The answer is often: they don't. We offer reliable managed services for businesses who want everything in one place and just want to get on with business. Read More >

Where You Can Find Us

We are fully mobile & will come to your home or business to get you up & running.

We service the greater Sydney metro area.

Sydney, NSW



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