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Slow PC speed is a common problem that causes endless frustration and loss of productivity. The average business needs to run multiple programs throughout the day to get work done, and slow speeds can be a huge problem. Buying the latest PC or cramming your PC with sticks of memory will often not properly solve the issue of slowness, plus it is expensive. We can implement a modification that will make your PC fly.

Running your Windows 7 OS off a Solid State Drive (SSD) and mapping your storage to your regular hard drive will in almost all cases make your problem PC perform at a much, much faster speed. Why is this? Regular hard drives consist of several moving parts, which causes delays in data transfer. However, as the name suggests, solid state drives are solid and require no moving parts for data transfer, making the data transfer absolutely fly in comparison with regular hard drives. You still need a regular hard drive for storing files, but running Windows off the solid drive will change the way you do business. Implementing this modification also involves a range of auxiliary tasks to get it working properly both within itself and with other PCs and devices in your office.

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